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November 2018

We’re changing our name!  After 12 years of ‘CWJ Consulting Ltd’ we feel the time is right to rename our company.  This is to reflect the changing emphasis on our products and services – and to shift focus towards our growing company.  It will take a bit of time to get the rebranding up and running, and all of the support services that you expect.  This will be happening over the next 3 months or so as we move to a new domain, website, and update our product offerings.

September 2018

We’ve launched a library of ‘Custom emdash Steps’ on our Support site.  Feel free to have a look to see if any custom steps that we have developed would be useful for your organisation.  Our plan is to add to this periodically as we create more steps for our clients, and invite you to add to share your own steps!

More information is in the Scripts Library section of our Support Site here.

July 2018

emdash™ Scheduler is here!  It’s been a long-held aim to remove dependencies on external tools for our customers to schedule emdash workflows.  Now we have included scheduling functionally within the emdash UI, there is a holistic view on all emdash jobs that are set up to run against an environment.  More details can be found on our Support Site here.

February 2018

It’s been a busy few months over the festive period, as we have been consolidating existing functionality and developing new features.  For existing functions we have been busy testing new versions of software that we support – for example, Endur/Findur 16.1 has been added to our supported applications, and SQL Server 2016 is now a supported database platform.

In terms of new features, we have been building up a library of Custom Steps using Powershell, and have finalised the interface for customers to integrate their own scripts and processes.

Hot off the press is a new ‘Test Framework’ that we have integrated into emdash.  We’ve started using it to provide a customisable ‘Healthcheck’ for an environment, and the framework is being extended so that we can run any form of tests against an environment. (Click on the image below for a larger version).

Environment Healthcheck

We see great value in being able to define customer-specific tests which will be presented against an environment – either to monitor application components at runtime (How many records do I have on the QueryResult table? What’s the size of my APM queues?) as well as to confirm that all application or environment changes we have made have taken effect successfully.  See here for more details.  We’re excited to see what our customers can do with these functions!

October 2017

emdash™ v4.0 is here!

We’re pleased to announce a new version of emdash™ for our customers which expands upon the cloud integration we started in the previous release.

Customers can now create environments in Azure for the following applications:

– Openlink’s Endur/Findur

– Openlink’s RightAngle

– Allegro’s Horizon

– Wolter Kluwer’s OneSumX

Our new ‘wizard’ based workflow allows environments to be created quickly, and repeatedly.  This reduces any risk of misconfiguring environments, leading to downtime and project outages,

In addition, a new ‘Decommission’ wizard allows for environments to be archived and destroyed when they are not needed any more.  This saves costs as resources are not allocated when they are not being used.  And if the environment is needed again – just re-run the Create Environment process!

All new functionality is also available for on-premise implementations  as well – integrating with ESX and Hyper-V if needed.

emdash™ v4.0 also includes numerous performance and stability improvements to make managing complex applications less challenging and more predictable.

April 2017

We’ve been working hard on lots of new features to make emdash™ more configurable and more expandable for our customers.  Along with our workflows to create, refresh and upgrade environments, we now offer the flexibility for custom workflows.

Customers can integrate Powershell steps into new or existing workflows to perform specific functions for their infrastructure.  Examples include integrating with Code Deployment tools (such as Octopus Deploy), or User experience tools such as Citrix or RemoteApp.

In addition, we have rebuilt our modules for RightAngle from the ground up, and provide more customisation options for creating environments.

Feel free to contact us for a demo!

January 2017

We’ve moved offices!  We’re now situated in a larger office in London close to the Waterloo railway station and the South Bank.

November 2016

We’re delighted to announce our Partnership with Openlink to manage development and test environments as part of their ‘Dev/Test in the Cloud’ offering.  This news means further market-reach for emdash and means more Customers will benefit from having scalable, cost effective and high quality environments.

May 2016

We have successfully implemented our first Openlink environments in the public Cloud for an Openlink Customer in the UK.

Using emdash™ we can create new Endur/Findur environments in Microsoft’s Azure platform from scratch in less than 15 minutes with one click!  And we can stop the environments when they are not in use.  This allows our customers to manage their dev/test environments effectively – only paying for the hardware utilisation when needed!

Get in touch for more information on how we can help to improve the quality of your implementation and reduce your costs!

March 2016

CwJ Consulting is celebrating 10 years. It’s been an amazing journey and we are looking forward to new challenges over the next 10 years and beyond.

CwJ Consulting are proud to announce the implementation of emdash™ version 2 for a major commodities trading company providing environment management support and enhanced deployment operational capabilities through a new workflow framework, real-time monitoring, notification and reporting, and an enhanced self service interface.

February 2016

CwJ Consulting supported the successful implementation of version 5 for OpenLink’s CubeIntelligence Credit Risk Management platform for a major Commodities Trading company

CwJ Consulting are excited to announce the recruitment of Sajjad Ahmed as a Senior Environment Manager supporting the growth of CwJ, emdash, and further supporting our clients.

September 2015

CwJ Consulting are proud to announce the implementation of emdash™ version 2 at one of our existing clients providing enhanced functionality through a new workflow framework, real-time monitoring and notification, and enhanced self service interface. Remaining clients are planned for upgrade to V2 by end of 2015.

CwJ Consulting are pleased by the news of our inclusion in the OpenLink Global Alliance Program as a regional partner. 

August 2015

CwJ Consulting are excited to announce the recruitment of Jethro Warwick-Mooney as a Software Developer to support the growth of CwJ and emdash™.

April 2015

CwJ Consulting have completed their company re-branding with the launch of a new company Logo, Website and Product information.

CwJ Consulting are happy to announce the launch of emdash™ version 2 to support your deployment development operations needs. emdash™ now supports a workflow framework, enhanced process logging and improvements to the user interface. emdash™ Core functionality and APIs have been integrated into the new workflow framework to support task scheduling, parallel task processing, and UI workflow monitoring.

March 2015

CwJ Consulting achieve a new 30 minute handover milestone for platform migration of Endur and associated interfacing systems on Next Generation VMware technical infrastructure. The key success factors were to preserve system integrity and up-time at cut over with an agreed system outage window of 60 minutes. Please review the facts and figures in our whitepapers. 

January 2015

CwJ Consulting are excited to announce the recruitment of Chris Cantle (previously of OpenLink and CubeLogic) as a Senior Consultant, and Dominic Lawson (previously of Avanade) as Lead Developer to support the growth of our development operations and emdash™ toolkit