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Our emdash™ toolkit provides development operation capabilities via a secure web portal to manage your whole development landscape through scalable distribution automation. These capabilities allow complex development operation tasks to be reduced to a simple point and click action, reducing task completion times, environment downtime, required man power, the possibility of deployment mishaps, and human error. These capabilities range in

  • Managed Application Deployments to PROD, DR and multiple Testing environments
  • Managed Application Code Upgrades & Rollbacks with Deployment Versioning
  • Environment Cloning & Refreshing
  • Application Recovery
  • Application Automated Configuration
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Deployment
  • Environment and Application Security
  • Application Service Management & Environment Housekeeping
emdash™ functionality is workflow-driven and modular to manage, configure and deploy a diverse selection of applications.  These include ETRM/CTRM systems such as Endur (OpenLink), RightAngle (OpenLink) and Symphony (Amphora), Credit Risk systems such as CubeIntelligence (OpenLink/CubeLogic), and analytic systems such as Lacima (Lacima Group) at multiple top tier global companies.

emdash™ provides 3rd party integration through Embedded C# functions, Database scripting, PowerShell scripting and Configuration file manipulation allowing integration with Servers, Active Directory, Databases, File Systems, SMTP, Remote Access Services, Reporting Engines and Version Control Repositories. This allows new packaged or bespoke applications to be integrated into the toolkit with minimal effort. Once embedded in the customer BAU processes, emdash™ means that the number of skilled Environment Support resources can be reduced. Common tasks are automated so they are done quickly, repeatedly and efficiently leaving the support team to focus on the more valuable or complex tasks.

Key Features

  • Application inventory tracking
  • Application version control
  • Orchestration of new releases, incremental upgrades, hot-fixes, configuration changes, emergency changes across multiple environments
  • Reliable production deployments
  • Continuous reliable automated application deployment
  • Consistent deployment and rollback of applications
  • Deployment and rollback logging
  • Workflow and schedule driven
  • Integration with 3rd party software like SQL Server, Windows Server, Distributed File Systems, Version Control Repositories, Citrix.
  • Custom integration employing C#, Powershell and SQL Query components

Supported Applications

  • ETRM/CTRM systems
    • Endur (OpenLink)
    • RightAngle (OpenLink)
    • Symphony (Amphora)
    • Horizon (Allegro)
  • Credit Risk systems
    • CubeIntelligence (OpenLink/CubeLogic)
  • Analytic systems
    • Lacima