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Technical Architecture Consulting
Managed Development Operations
Software Provision
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emdash™ is our devops tool that automates your environment management functions, such as environment provision and refresh, and code deployments. It allows complex processes to be reduced to a simple point and click action. This speeds up completion times, reduces effort and minimises the risk of deployment issues through human error.

Integrating emdash™ with Cloud technologies means you can reduce your TCO of hosting environments by only running them when needed.  You can spin up or shutdown environments in seconds, and only pay for what you use.  We have experience of managing environments in Azure, as well as on-premise physical and virtual environments.

emdash™ is well known in the ETRM/CTRM space for managing Openlink’s Endur, Findur, Cube and RightAngle systems. In partnership with Openlink, we are seen as the leading experts in helping customers set up and manage their development environments for these applications and more.

The modular nature of emdash™ means that new applications and systems can be added quickly and we have demonstrated this approach with our Customers by adding support for Amphora’s Symphony trading platform as well as Lacima and a number of in-house bespoke systems.

Technical Architecture Consulting

Our Subject Matter Experts have in depth industry and sector knowledge to design, setup and manage your technical architecture requirements and targets. Our service supports full end-to-end delivery of robust, scalable technical platforms for enterprise-class software solutions to meet your targets for performance, availability, disaster recovery and data security.

Our team can managed the delivery process from requirements definition through to a seamless transition to business as usual, we can work with IT teams and outsourced providers to make sure that all technical elements of a software programme are well defined, understood and delivered on time and within stakeholders’ budgets.

We have deep experience of Devops processes and tools, including our own emdash™ product, to streamline and de-risk development projects.

While we are completely agnostic of technology and application, we are seen as leaders in the design and provision of infrastructure to support Openlink products.  We support clients running Endur, Findur, Cube and RightAngle both on-premise and in the Cloud.

Managed Development Operations

Our environment management capabilities provide skilled resources applying tried and tested managed deployment processes using reliable toolkits to provision and manage your development and test environments. These capabilities include

  • Managed Application Deployments to Production, Disaster Recovery and multiple Testing environments
  • Managed Application Code Upgrades with Deployment Versioning
  • Environment Cloning & Refreshing
  • Application Recovery
  • Application Automated Configuration
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Deployment
  • Environment and Application Security
  • Application Service Management
  • Environment Housekeeping

Our managed service takes the pain of managing your own environments away.  You do not need to invest in resources with specialist skills, or make capital investments in infrastructure.

As an example, we manage all environments for an Openlink Findur implementation project in the UK.  The team had their environments available within hours and are able to manage their own deployments and refreshes – and are backed up by our experts when deep skills are needed.

Contact us to see how we can reduce your costs in this area!

Software Provision

We recognise that during a large-scale systems implementation, a lot of time and cost can be wasted while teams wait for development and test environments to be built and configured. To overcome these issues we have created the environment dashboard software toolkit emdash™ that provides environment management capabilities through a portal interface to manage the whole development landscape. These capabilities allow complex environment management tasks to be reduced to a simple point and click action, reducing task completion times, environment downtime, required man power, the possibility of deployment mishaps, and human error.

Our skilled development team also provides additional custom software support to encompass client specific requirements.  Recently we have been involved in building Trade Exchanges, System Interfaces, Business & Operation Reports, and Business Intelligence functions for our clients.

Benefits Calculator

Here are some core activities and duties that the Environment Support Team would undertake, along with benchmark timescales for doing them with and without the emdash toolset.  The cost and efficiency benefits of emdash are realized exponentially as the number of environments increases through the delivery lifecycle.  As can be seen below, the number of experienced resources needed to manage the suite of environments reduces dramatically by using the toolset, allowing experienced resources to concentrate on priority tasks.

We have considerable experience in setting up and managing development and test environments for complex, integrated systems with exceptional results.

Delivering a high quality set of development and test environments reduces the cost of an implementation project. We are experts in setting up streamlined and efficient environments using Cloud and on-premise technologies.

To achieve this, the approach must consider:


Quality assurance is paramount, so its fundamental the right code version and configuration is delivered to the correct environments for valid testing.


Having the ability to spin up and ramped down new or existing environments when demand requires prevents project delays and improves cost effectiveness.


Efficient development and testing requires more environments than you would first expect and having the capacity to run tasks in parallel will improve project duration and quality assurance.


Code-based and database-based customisations both need to be managed and controlled to maintain quality and reduce complexity


Environments should be accessible by developers and testers for their specific requirements only, rather than granting blanket access to everyone. This mitigates the risk of one developer/tester impacting others


The environment landscape becomes more complex, Fix on fail changes, minor enhancements and major releases need to be supported effectively to prevent downtime, quality issues and additional costs.

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